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Consult with Celeste Packages start at $300 for 4 sessions

This includes a basic assessment of what the issues are and deciding what nutritional support is appropriate , which modalities are going to provide the best results for the situation, education on the subject matter, and body assessment for optimal shifts.  This can be done online, over the phone or in person.


Single Sessions:  $ 99 

Tune up and rebalancing session $20

Quick tune up for those days you just feel "off" 

(For previous and current clients only)

Hypnosis package:

Three Sessions for $300

Here are some ideas:

    Performance Optimization:

         (athletics, shooting, sales, job performance)    

    Weight Reduction


    Study and Test performance


    Stress reduction,

    Public Presentations and Performances

    Habit modifications

    Improving focus and Clarity

    Firearms and precision shooting skills enhancement 

        (for Law Enforcement, Military, and Sportsman)

We offer corporate packages for

 stress reduction and job performance*

*please contact us for more info


See calender for event dates

Body Integration, and Balance (Alternative Health Facilitator Certification)  

($3997 for one, or $4997 for two)

    A hands on body balance and energy work program focused on giving you tools to heal your self and to help guide

others on their self healing journey.  Some of the things that will be taught, are: muscle testing, herbs, essential oils, chakra balancing, meridian and organ balancing, crystals, diet, cleansing, emotional and energetic support work, and tools to help you understand the root cause of the issues, thus allowing your mind and body to correct and heal its self.  This course is a very in depth and solid foundation for anyone who wants to work in the alternative and  energetic health fields. 

*This course can be taken online or in person.


 Reiki classes are in person only. 

Reiki Level 1 ($180)

    This is our basic Reiki class. In it you will learn the history of Reiki, what it is and is not, breath work, hands on use and guidance, how to use Reiki on your self and others, as well as receiving your Reiki Attunements in person. 

Reiki Level 2 ($250)

    In our level 2 Reiki class we cover; legal issues, chakras, energy flows, Reiki symbols, Level 2 Attunements, and you receive a Practitioner Certification for work outside your family.

Reiki Mastership  ($500)

 In our mastership class we do personal work for mastery, answer questions, Master level Attunements, teach you how to teach level 1 and level 2 classes, and how to give level 1 and level 2 Attunements. Emotional healing work for self, and various other mastership activities for each class. 

*Pay in full up front and receive all three Reiki courses at a discount for $900. Family discounts available upon request