Here are some of the testimonials we have received through our courses and mentor programs:

"If you are looking for someone who thinks out side of the box.  You need to look no further. This person enjoys the pursuit of knowledge. Some of her strengths are being a Reiki Master, Tapping, Aroma-therapy, Nutritional Values, Herbalist. She listens to her Intuition. Another wonderful aspect that she is blessed to posses is the loving support of her husband and family. When she learns something new, she is excited to share this knowledge with anyone who this knowledge would benefit. You will not find a more knowledgeable, compassionate, intuitive, a person with integrity as you will with Celeste Allred. When I was going through some rough spots in my life.  She would either call, or message me.  How she knew, I do have an idea.  You see, she is my Reiki Master, she acted on her intuition. In return has blessed my life.

Thank you for your time." ~Charlyn from Colorado

"There have been points in my life where I've felt completely confused, frustrated, stressed, extremely down on myself, depressed and all around VERY overwhelmed. At these times when I've felt as if I have no one to turn to, Seth and Celeste have been my saviors, giving me a place of peace within myself as well as outside myself.  I love them like my own family. I'm very grateful they bless my life with their support and gifts and that they are caring and loving enough to share!" -Danielle from Taylorsville, Utah 

"I have benefited from clearing sessions with Celeste. After each one I felt much 

lighter in mood and over all well being. Feeling relaxed, my muscles were much less tense 

and thus allowing my body pain level from usually a 5/6 down to a 1/2.and I would refer any of my friends to Celeste " - Rebecca from Junction City, Kansas

" I've worked long distance with Celeste for the last 5 years in areas of relationship strengthening,weight management, emotional balance, and reiki training. Her long distance work has been beneficial to myself and my whole family." -Julie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I have been working with Celeste for about a year now, and she has been able to teach me ways to not only improve my relationship with my husband and also to help us work towards greater abundance and prosperity. I've seen the changes in the last six months and I'm now seeing a shift in the abundance and prosperity, and my relationship with my husband has improved quite a bit. There's still progress to be made, but we are a lot further than we would have been if I hadn't worked with Celeste." - Cheryl from Provo, Utah


"Many times over the last 4 years I have faced emotional and physical challenges that I knew couldn't be "fixed" by a pill or any doctor. I have literally been led to Celeste and her alternative approach to whole body balancing. She has spent time with me over the phone. Her approach works even though we are hundreds of miles apart. I turn to her often when I need help in my own healing or to help my family get back in balance. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Celeste!"- Heidi from Montana

“As a business owner going through a stressful re-branding, I was feeling stuck and at a creative standstill. After one hypnosis session with Seth my productivity has skyrocketed, I have a new found self confidence, and the fears that were holding be back have been significantly reduced. I would highly recommend this service for any company or business.” - M. Davis, Owner of Lavender and Pearls Boutique (Idaho)

Seth and Celeste Allred are amazing people. I entered their lives a year ago after a very hard crash in my life.  I had no faith left in myself and those around me. And I didn’t know where to turn. Thanks to their knowledge and education, and their abilities to see past my fears and shortcomings. I now see and feel the potential in myself. I would put myself into their capable and professional hands any day. I am now back on my feet being the mother I need to be.

    I have always wanted to go into natural healing and have never felt that I was capable. They have helped me realize how capable I am, and to see my gifts for what they are. I have now started moving forward into the training they provide to bless other peoples lives as they have blessed mine. The world does not have a shortage of healers, and am excited to become part of that for others. Thanks to these amazing people I have moved past many limiting beliefs and setbacks and continue to due so. 

    I don’t know where I would be without them.  I certainly know that I didn’t know what I was missing out on and am now looking forward with excitement to all the things I have in front of me. Thanks so much to these wonderful people in my life.

 Allia C.

Trout Creek, Utah

Celeste began helping me in 2012 as I was recovering from having given birth to my 7th baby in 12 years.  I had low iron and other nutritional deficiencies.  She was able to quickly identify what was lacking in my body and help me begin a program to rebalance it.

At the same time as mentoring me on nutrition she was addressing my relationship and emotional needs as well. As fragile as I was she was able to coax me in the direction of healing and homeostasis in each aspect of my life while being an empathetic listener and guiding me to healthy attachment.

She has given me the tools and strength I need to look at where my weaknesses lie and correct them.  I have gained an immeasurable amount of self confidence and larger perspective from utilizing  her broad expanse of  expertise in many fields of body work.  

Today I look back at where I was three years ago and can see no comparison.  I have more energy, more self confidence and am progressing every single day towards a more enriching and fulfilling life.  Her clear concise encouragement of goals and recognition of progress have helped me immeasurably as she's pin pointed what needs to be realigned in my life and made the proper suggestions to lead me to self discovery on a deeper level. 

I have referred many friends to her as she is confidential, trust worthy and has a broad range of knowledge in healing the body, mind and spirit! 


Boise, Idaho